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Save The Date Reactions

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Reaction videos

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"Ok, I got home, picked up mail and are you kidding me? OMG, what an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS save the date! I mean REALLY! I am so exhausted from showing everyone and talking about it. REALLY just over the moon! I want to get married just to have one like it! I CANNOT stop looking at it! LOVE!! "- Diane F.

So I am looking at my invite minding my business and my son is all up in my face like whose that? I answer David, my daughter goes wait are they famous? So now y'all are famous. Great Invite - Shelley D.

"DC, I got your save the date and i really thought you were on the cover of a real magazine, this is genius!

-Nashuan L.


These cats done stepped the game up

- AJ 

This is the most AMAZING save the date I've ever seen! God Bless them and their Marriage" - IG User

This Save the Date though! If this is the save the date I wonder what the wedding will look like. Amazing! - Belinda W. 

OMG what a beautiful, stunning invite! My jaw dropped! So happy for you guys! - Charlotte L.

Now that's how you make an annoucement!!!! - Candice M.

"This Save the Date is EVERYTHING!!!!" - Sheila 

Someone just showed me your Save The Dates!!!!! You didn't come to play honey! Ya'll killed this

- Victoria

"Just got your Save the date! Best one I have ever seen! Amazing job!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! - Anita J.

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