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Cheers To The is an online company dedicated to creating unforgettable announcements!


The owners Kyra & David Cherry developed the #CheersToTheCherrys hashtag while planning their wedding. #CheersToTheCherrys was embossed on the front and back covers of their Save The Date 8 page full color Magazine.

As invited guest received their Save The Date Magazine in the mail, the text, phone calls and social media messages poured in. The accolades were overwhelming. Of course everyone was happy to read the announcement of the soon to be Wedding of a Lifetime but, they were blown away by the manner in which it was created. A #CheersToTheCherrys, Magazine Style, Save The Date? Oh my!

Kyra and David were inspired and encouraged by family and friends to turn this beautiful and unique announcement concept into a business. Bringing the same level of excitement and love for others.

“We choose the name “Cheers To The…” so that our customers could easily envision their last names after the “The” on the front page of their magazine” says Kyra and David.

Cheers To The…provides magazines for Save The Dates and other Announcements for all special occasions; such as, Weddings, Birthdays, Gender Reveals and more!

It was once was said that “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Let Cheers To The…assist you in creating extraordinary moments and everlasting memories.

To learn more about Cheers To The…services, we invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions.